Connecting Beyond the Therapy Room: A New Beginning

For many psychotherapists, the work we do in the therapy room spans far beyond the walls of the office. Often the reflections we have outside of the office provide an important context for the relationships we build with people who come to consult us.  Being a psychotherapist is an ongoing process of growth and reflection. Writing is an important medium through which these reflections can be articulated.

Speaking about our vulnerabilities may feel risky. Whether you are experiencing your own struggles or you are concerned for a family member, too often, shame and embarrassment can keep us from reaching out and seeking help, or from reaching out to those in need.

Psychotherapy is about changing the meaning people make about themselves. It is about connecting to a voice that has not yet been spoken. This post marks a new beginning, a space to reach out and connect beyond the confines of my office. Connecting beyond the therapy room means creating new spaces to speak about issues that are taboo, or that we often brush under the rug in moments of fear or avoidance. Together, we can begin to traverse the walls of stigma and shame and begin a new dialogue. Together, we can begin a conversation that matters.