Mentoring Individuals & Families

Through the Complex Processes of Immigration

Together we will explore different aspects of immigration that include political, family, social, emotional and legal issues.

Whether one came to this country by choice or whether the decision was made out of necessity, immigration shapes every aspect of your relationships with others, with yourself, and with society at large. It impacts your sense of belonging, your loyalty to cultural beliefs and norms, how you raise your children, your educational choices, and your religious practices. Immigration frames the ways in which you negotiate your daily life and your aspirations for the future.

All of us are vulnerable to the processes and laws of immigration, we often don't understand them, and feel our goals are unattainable.

An important part of my practice is coaching individuals and families to navigate through complex processes of immigration. By increasing your awareness of the relational aspect of immigration, where the intersections of political, family, social, emotional and legal systems come into play, I mentor, educate, and advocate for individuals and families to develop social strategies and skills to negotiate these systems.

Immigration Reporting

My reports convey the intersection of immigration, trauma, and cultural adjustment. They are an effective way of describing the experiences of being undocumented and the hardship that it places on your children and family, while helping you transition into becoming a legal US citizen. 

During this process, some of you may have to tackle issues of war trauma, dislocation due to political violence, and complex matters related to national identity.