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Training, Workshops, Education, & Public Speaking

Over the years, I have been privileged to study and work in variety of academic and clinical settings both in New York and internationally. My professional engagements include work as an adjunct professor at Columbia University, clinical faculty at NYU School of Medicine, alumna of the Ackerman Institute for the Family, and board of directors at AFTA, visiting lecturer at University of Belgrade, Tavistock Clinic, and University of Sarajevo, and co-chairing IFTA and ISTSS conferences.


I offer workshops for couples, individuals, and parents who want to improve coping skills and expand their effectiveness in navigating through life transitions. I also offer cross-cultural supervision and training for clinicians and audiences wanting to learn how to communicate with people of widely varying cultural backgrounds, and who are interested in expanding their clinical skills in culturally-contextual issues.




Raising Awareness About Child Sexual Abuse in Montenegro

Podgorica and Bar, Montenegro, June 18th - 20th and 25th -27th

I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with pediatricians / psychologists / police / judicial sector colleagues in Montenegro.

We continue to raise awareness about child sexual abuse.
Thank you All/ Unicef / SOS for your support.



New School class on Immigration.jpg

Ethical Decision Making When Providing Psychological Services to Refugees and Undocumented Immigrants

New York City, NY - New school - March 13th 2018

One of the most rewarding tasks I undertake is the psychological evaluation of people who are seeking political asylum in America. I am trilled to be at  New School this Tuesday presenting  how to work effectively with immigrants.

I rely on my own personal experiences as an immigrant and as a cross cultural psychotherapist when I listen to the stories of others, helping people from all over the world navigate through most  controversial issues related to immigration.






Public Speaking

Plenary session, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - AFTA May-June 2017

Reconciling Home and Homeland: “I TALK ABOUT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE - Empowering Serbia to Recognize and Address Child Sexual Abuse” UNICEF sponsored project.






Raising Awareness About Child Sexual Abuse in My Homeland

Podgorica, Montenegro, September 2017 with UNICEF and SOS

I poured my heart into this project - helping my homeland Serbia and Montenegro address violence and abuse against children.

In  2016, I was awarded a UNICEF grant to address issues of child sexual abuse (CSA) in Serbia. In 2017, the UNICEF grant was extended to Montenegro. I created a project to enhance dialogue among service providers by offering educational and psychosocial support to strengthen  their ability to recognize signs of CSA, speak openly with patients about CSA.  

I believe every child who arrives on our planet should be safe and loved. Yet, not all young ones are fortunate this way. Silence and shame prevent action.  

js rolovic.png

Let's NOT be silent about violence and abuse! Let's continue to talk about actions we need to take in order to keep our children safe. Safe children = Safe societies

MY GRATITUDE: Your support goes a long way to help children and families arrive to a safer future.



Immigration and Identity: Working with people who have experienced the trauma of dislocation and atrocities

New York, NY, The New School, November 2017

Once again we encounter an abundance of controversy about children/ families/ men/ women who are new to this country. 

Every #immigrant has a story of loss and gain, of grief and joy. Immigration is a multi layered business that includes #lawyers#marriages#doctors#psychotherapists. It is a difficult and often painful for almost anyone. Often we immigrants feel shame. In our suitcases we carry our uniqueness and vulnerability. We bridge #cultural divides and embrace religious intermarriages. 

I've been there myself. I  went through it all-every step of the way. www.jsrolovic.com/immigrationmentoring

We need to continue talking about us IMMIGRANTS because we are the backbone of this #country.

As practitioners, we must be aware of the role that our cultural assumptions and preferences play in the therapeutic encounter. Speaking about identity transformation one goes through as an immigrant has been both healing and exciting for me. Thank you New School for opening the door to these conversations.