Slavic Families

This is a meeting place for those of us coming from The Balkans, East Europe, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, and all countries of the Former Yugoslavia.

Slavic families, and those of us coming from the Balkans, are affected by the lack of culturally appropriate therapeutic services. Often informed by culturally universal approaches, we carry the risk of overlooking the ways in which various Slavic subgroups differ according to cultural values, contextual issues, historical immigration, and cultural identity issues. Most importantly, it is through language that we preserve the safety of cultural heritage and set a pathway for a hopeful future for ourselves and our children.

By offering culturally responsive and empowering services for those of us coming from The Balkans, that include sensitive interventions, I will provide you with the support you need to reinforce the change you seek, and make it a new and active part of your life.