Couples Therapy
Working Together

Couples Therapy

Expectations you have of yourself, of your partner, of LIFE are overwhelming.


Couples often come to therapy because they feel stuck: intimacy is buried under a cascade of complaints, resentments, and power struggles. Through the course of therapy, I offer you the opportunity to build a new understanding of your relationship that will help you move forward.

I support couples in discovering ways to maintain a healthy balance between independence and togetherness and learn new skills to make love last. I will help you translate your anger and defensiveness into effective ways of communicating so you can feel heard and understood.

In our therapy sessions, you will come to understand underlying beliefs, attitudes, and individual differences that trigger and sustain problems such as:

  • Exploring each partner’s hopes and fears about the future of the relationship
  • Premarital conversations: start early building trust
  • Reconnecting/restoring intimacy & passion in your life
  • Recovering from the anguish of infidelity
  • To stay or to go: helping you make divorce decisions vs. marital commitment
  • Transitioning to parenthood: are you emotionally prepared to parent?
  • Engaging in intimate and sexy conversations/rituals for initiating and refusing sex



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